Low latency internet connectivity ensuring fast and seamless access to the public network.

Neighborhood Photos

Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium

Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium

Foot-over bridge view

Mirpur-2, Foot-over bridge view

National Heart Foundation of Mirpur

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National Heart Foundation of Mirpur

Welcome to Musfika Net

Mushfika Net is a leading internet service provider that was incorporated by computer professionals and management experts in the field of Information Technology (IT).
Mushfika Net provides best quality internet services to the customers. The last decade has witnessed highly accelerated growth in the Bangladesh IT industry. Today, even the most remote corner of the country has access to computers. This increased PC penetration has resulted in an increased demand for hardware & networking professionals throughout the country. We aim to bring the best quality, fastest Broadband service and related products. Our vision is to be leading broadband and IT service company. We strive to focus on our clients' satisfaction by empathising with the tangible and intangible needs of all our internal and external customers. We look forward to your business and hope you would give us a chance to serve.Contact us now.

Featured Products

Mercusys Router
Mercusys Router
Fanvil X3G Black
Fanvil IP Phone
TP-Link 300m Wireless N Router
TP-Link Router
Linksys PAP2
Linksys PAP2

Service Protection Plan

Worry less about your internet

Add the Mushfika Net service protection plan for the ultimate in peace of mind.

Our service protection plan includes:

  • Service calls related to visible wiring, equipment issues, and set up for cable TV, high speed internet, and home phone
  • Service calls for support and customer education when you need it
  • Flexibility to cancel the plan anytime, no contract required

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